A Secure framework for clound-based computing service adoption in the Namibian Government Information sector

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Namibia University of Science and Technology


Cloud computing has taken over most of the organizations IT departments operations and is making headlines across the globe. Despite cloud computing benefits, security issues and challenges remains a priority concern. The Namibian government is prompt to contemplate solutions that are cost effective and deliver efficient and effective information and communication technology services to her people. This paper presents a Secure Cloud Adoption framework (SCAF) for the Namibian government IT departments, a case study for Office of the Prime Minister and Ministry of Urban and Rural Development IT departments. Design Science Research (DSR) strategy was used to develop the SCAF framework. The framework consists of four components namely: organizational factors, technological enablers, environmental factors and users characteristics. The study reveals that SCAF can safe guide the Namibian government IT departments on how to adopt cloud computing with minimum security risks.



cloud computing, Secure framework, Security and Privacy, Adoption


Nghihalwa, E. N. (2019). A secure framework for cloud-based computing services adoption in the Namibian government sector. (unpublished master's thesis). Namibia University of Science and Technology, Windhoek.