A study of the impact of leadership and change management strategies on organisational culture: The case of Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC) Namibia

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This research project sought to examine the linkages between leadership, culture and organisational effectiveness at Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC Namibia). The study's aim was to identify and investigate the factors that lead to any perceives or real challenges related to leadership, organisational culture and change. The study found that despite initial challenges faced by management and dissatisfaction raised with regard to the organisational change process, the majority of MTC who took part in the study are aware of the intentions of the change process as well as how it is intended to transform the organization to become responsive to competition and to its customer base through sound marketing and customer relations practices. The study also made recommendations on the inclusion of staff in the process, how the negative impact of the change process can be mitigated and how the company can harness the skills of staff to realize a better outcome in the long term. The recommended measures included training of staff and management on organisational change management, more power to be devolved to middle management to make them relevant to the change process and to gain more respect from subordinates.


Dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the degree of Master of Science in Change Management, Leeds Metropolitan University, Faculty of Business and Law


Leadership strategies - Namibia, Change management - Strategies - Namibia, Organisational culture - Namibia, Mobile Telecommunications Limited, Namibia - Leadership, MTC Namibia - Leadership, Master's theses - Namibia, NUST - Master's theses, 2011