Appraising performance management processes: A case of the DiVice Chancellorate of Customs and Excise, Ministry of Finance, Namibia.

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This study explores ways of enhancing performance management processes at the DiVice Chancellorate of Customs and Excise (DCE) within the Ministry of Finance (MoF) of the government of the Republic of Namibia. It investigates critical factors that accelerate employee performance and exposes some of the challenges that hinder the effective implementation of performance management processes in DCE. It is important to explore performance measurements and strategies that could be employed by DCE in order to improve the performance management process. This study adopted a hybrid approach; making use of both qualitative and quantitative methods. The multi-method research approach has been chosen taking into consideration two factors: the exploratory nature of the research area and how the DCE employees were deployed at various stations in the country as this makes it difficult for the researcher to physically conduct interviews at every station. Research techniques included one on one interviews and the use of questionnaire. Even though the study made use of both qualitative and quantitative methods and the corresponding techniques, the researcher did not apply hypothesis testing because of the exploratory nature of the topic. Despite inadequate tools to objectively measure staff performance, results showed the need for improvement on performance management processes in DCE. This study identified various critical factors to performance such as the alignment of DCE management plan to the MoF strategic plan; employee‟s attitude and competencies; clear rules, procedures and adequate office equipment. Results showed that appraisals of employees were not informed by neither their job descriptions nor by agreed performance measurements. The absence of an integrated performance management system constituted a major challenge to DCE. Furthermore, inadequate coaching and mentoring for employees below supervisors coupled with less involvement in the planning process constituted obstacles to effective performance in DCE. Most of respondents proposed, as a way forward, the development of a DCE strategic management plan and its corresponding performance management plan, with clear performance measurements.


Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the degree of Master of Science in the subject Leadership and Change Management at the Leeds Metropolitan University in collaboration with NUST, Harold Pupkewitz Graduate School of Business.


Performance management processes - Namibia, Customs and excise - Case study - Namibia, Case study - Namibia, Ministry of Finance, DiVice Chancellorate of Customs and Excise, Master's theses - Namibia, NUST - Master's theses, 2011