Livelihood needs for Namibia’s urban future’: A seminar series with John Mendelsohn

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Integrated Land Management Institute


This Document Note presents the discussions that took place during three seminars with John Mendelsohn on the issue of livelihood needs for Namibia’s urban future. The first seminar focused on the topic of “‘Traditional’ and ‘modern’ forms of capital and security: value production and circulation” and took place along with the final presentations of the first year of the master in architecture at NUST; the second focused on the issue of “Land as capital and foundation: opportunities and limitations of empowerment of the poor”, and included a visit to the land developed by the Dibasen Homeless Committee of Katutura; and the final one focused on “The question of ‘the informal’: engaging with the ‘formal’ economic and labour outlook in Namibia” and took place at Oshetu Market, including input from the market managers. This document describes the main points of the seminars, the discussions, and notes on the accompanying activities. The event took place in the context of the Urban Forum, which is a platform for multi-stakeholder engagement on issues of urbanisation in Namibia, Southern Africa and beyond.



land, livelihoods, housing


ILMI. (2019). Livelihood needs for Namibia’s urban future: A seminar series with John Mendelsohn (ILMI Document Note No. 4/2019). Integrated Land Management Institute. Namibia University of Science and Technology.