Informal settlements

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Namibia University of Science and Technology, Integrated Land Management Institute


Namibia is moving towards an urbanised country. This is illustrated by the fact that at independence Namibia was only 28% urbanized by 2011 urbanization has already grown to 42% and current projections are that by 2020 urbanization would by 66% and more than 70% by 2030. As the urban population is growing the need for serviced land and housing is also growing. As Namibia has failed to respond through appropriate strategies to facilitate this change in the human geography of the country it resulted in the growth of poorly serviced informal settlements. These settlements are often far from jobs, services and social and economic amenities thus further increasing poverty level in the urban areas.



housing, ancestral land, urban land, communal land, land reform, informal settlements


Muller, A. (2018). Informal settlements. (Fact sheet 6/2018). Windhoek, Namibia :Namibia University of Science and Technology