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Title: Interrogating the narrative “#MenAreTrash” in Namibian women’s spoken poetry with a focus on Gender Based Violence
Authors: Mukufa, Frieda Ndeutala Kaunapawa
Keywords: Thesis
women's poetry
Gender Based Violence
Issue Date: Jan-2020
Publisher: Namibia University of Science and Technology
Citation: Mukufa, F. N. K. (2020). Interrogating the narrative “#MenAreTrash” in Namibian women’s spoken poetry with a focus on Gender Based Violence [Master's thesis: Namibia University of Science and Technology].
Abstract: This study aims to examine and interrogate the narrative that #MenAreTrash as highlighted in selected Namibian women’s poems, Cadaver by Faustina M Namatshana (2018), You Broke Me, Daddy by Jane “LuNa” Mungabwa (2018), Trauma by Jane S. Mungabwa (2017) This is to you men by the side of the road by Emma Vilho (2008), Your Rape is not different from mine (2017) and Daddy Issues (2018) by Lydia October, The Absence of a Man (2019) and Childhood Trauma (2016) by Jacobina Tangi Uushona. The study will fully provide separate insight into the writings of these Namibian poets as well as the texts combined in terms of the narrative and other relating issues such as patriarchy, abuse and the many forms it is represented in the poems, Electra complex, Daddy issues, Carrying the baggage, abandonment and how these women have used their writing to create a new identity for themselves as well as overcome their trauma and becoming resilient.
Description: Thesis submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master in English and Applied Linguistics at the Namibia University of Science and Technology.
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