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Title: Structuralist analysis of D. H. Lawrence's "The White Stocking".
Authors: Brewis, Alexander
Keywords: Lawrence, D. H., 1885 - 1930. The White Stocking
The white stocking (Novel) - Criticism and interpretation
Lawrence, D. H., 1885 - 1930 - Criticism and interpretation
White stocking, The (Novel) - Criticism and interpretation
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: The French structuralist, Roland Barthes‟ structuralist analysis of Honore de Balzac‟s short story Sarrasine, S/Z, published in 1970, has had a major impact on literary criticism. In this analysis Barthes shows where and how different codes of meaning function, and he uses specific „codes‟ to show how a text „works‟. Barthes‟ five codes (to be discussed later) form a network of meaning in a text which provides a framework for analysing any text.
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