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Title: Mission impossible - The pentangle breaks.
Authors: Brewis, Alexander
Keywords: Gawain and the Grene Knight (Novel) - Criticism and interpretation
Knights and knighthood in literature
Heroes in literature
Grene Knight (Legendary character)
Pearl Poet, 14th century. Gawain and the Grene Knight
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: NUST, Department of English Communication.
Citation: Brewis, A. (2009). Mission impossible - the pentangle breaks. Nawa Journal of Communication, 3(2), 32-43.
Abstract: The poet’s complex and ambiguous treatment of Gawain’s adventure leaves the nature of the heroic role continually in doubt, and the ending of the poem is designed to make us wonder whether Gawain has fulfilled such a role or not. This article attempts to advocate a sympathetic reading of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, hereafter referred to as SGGK. I propose to show that Gawain, despite failing in his mission, is indeed a hero and that the circumstances he finds himself in, make it impossible for him to succeed.
ISSN: 1993-3835.
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