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    Determining how the faculty at the NUST are responding to the introduction of e-learning in the form of blended learning.
    (NUST, Department of Communication., 2008) Kangandji, Leena
    This study was conducted to guide the management at the NUST on how to address the challenges the institution faces with regard to the effective implementation of e-learning. The study focused on the reasons for the use and non-use of e-learning by faculty. The study also gave faculty the opportunity to state what they would need from the institution to incorporate e-learning in their courses. The results of this study show that faculty are in favour of using e-learning but need the management to recognize that using e-learning will change the current institutional framework. Workload implications for using e-learning, infrastructure, access to the technology, training, user and technical support are all areas that need to be addressed before faculty will be willing to fully embrace e-learning. The management needs to provide leadership, direction and support for the faculty while addressing their concerns in a positive manner.