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Title: Educational tourism as a strategy for sustainable tourism development: Perspectives of Windhoek-based universities, Namibia
Authors: Tjitunga, Uaarukapo
Njibama, Hilary Kennedy
Makuzva, Washington
Keywords: Namibia
Educational tourism
tourism development
Windhoek-based universities
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: Journal of Tourism & Development
Citation: Tjitunga, U., Njibama, H. K., and Makuzva, W. (2023). Educational tourism as a strategy for sustainable tourism development: Perspectives ofWindhoek-based universities, Namibia. Journal of Tourism & Development, vol.42, 191-209.
Abstract: This study explored educational tourism as a strategy for sustainable tourism development, with a speci c focus on Windhoek-based universities, Namibia. Based on twenty-three interviews conduc- ted with international students and international relations-related sta across the three Windhoek-based universities, this study adopted a qualitative approach in exploring the perceptions of how the universities could leverage their educational tourism (edu-tourism) potential, so as to enhance sustainable tourism development in Namibia. By way of implementing a thematic analysis, the empirical ndings suggest that the universities enrolled both long-term degree-seeking and short-term semester-based exchange students. While both categories of students were a potential source of sustainable edu-tourism receipts, no active structures were available for leveraging strategies for attracting such students. Furthermore, the respondents concurred that all three Namibian universities possessed the potential to attract inter- national students to enrol in their programmes, which would contribute to the enhancement of cultural exchange and socio-economic leverages. The study proposes new insights into edu-tourism development in the Namibian context, the need for focused strategies, the development of policies and focused sta- keholder engagement for capitalising on this tourism niche. The outcomes present practical leverages prompting Windhoek-based universities to recognise the importance of active participation in edu-tourism promotion, while contributing to the existing literature on the subject, especially in the developing con- text.
Description: Journal article
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