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Title: Institutional open and distance learning collaboration in Namibia.
Authors: Keyter, Charles
Keywords: Open and distance learning - Namibia
Distance learning - Namibia
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: Staff and Educational Development International.
Citation: Keyter, C. (2002). Institutional Open and Distance Learning collaboration in Namibia. Staff and Educational Development International, 6(3), 261-276.
Abstract: Social and economic development depends to a large extent on applicable knowledge, skills and attitudes. In this regard the Government of Namibia has given the highest priority to education in the national budget of the country since Independence in 1990. Due to the fact that not all learning can be provided through formal education on campus, at schools, colleges and institutions of higher education, open and distance learning have become a viable alternative. In recent years Namibia has seen a rapid expansion of open and distance learning, which provides many thousands of Namibians the opportunity to study part-time to improve their qualifications. However, in order to provide an effective and efficient service to the open and distance learning students in Namibia, the four publicly-funded institutions involved in open and distance learning activities embarked on a mission to collaborate. The result of this collaborative effort is the establishment of the Namibian Open Learning Network (NOLNeT). This article gives an overview of this collaborative effort amongst the four Namibian publicly-funded institutions.
ISSN: 0971-9008.
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