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Title: Planned layouts v. ‘Planning for slums’: The case of Rehoboth Ext. 5 & 6
Authors: Esterhuizen, Louis
Keywords: land
Issue Date: Oct-2016
Publisher: Integrated Land Management Institute
Citation: Esterhuizen, L. (2016). Planned layouts v. ‘Planning for slums’: The case of Rehoboth Ext. 5 & 6 (ILMI Document No. 3/2016). Integrated Land Management Institute.
Series/Report no.: ;ILMI Document No. 3/2016
Abstract: The project in question refers to the case of 'Ext.5 & 6' in Rehoboth, in which the speaker took part as employee of the town and regional planning consultancy office that undertook the assignment. The aim was to provide a formal layout to an informal settlement East of Rehoboth in the quickest way possible. The case shows some of the challenges that are faced in the process of formalisation when the goal is to provide a planned plot for dignified living low-income vis-a-vis the full land delivery process from surveying to proclamation.
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