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Title: Public transport in Namibia: What is the customer satisfaction experience? Paper presented at the 1st Namibia Customer Service Awards & Conference, 2014.
Authors: Madejski, Eugene
Simbi, Yasmin
Shangheta, Bibi
Keywords: Public transport - Namibia
Customer satisfaction - Public transport - Namibia
Namibia Customer Service Awards & Conference, 1st, 2014, Windhoek
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: NUST
Citation: Madejski, E., Simbi, Y., & Shangheta, B. (2014). Public transport in Namibia: What is the customer satisfaction experience? Paper presented at the 1st Namibia Customer Service Awards & Conference, 2014.
Abstract: This study investigates customer satisfaction related to public transportation in Namibia. Transport plays a major role in any place worldwide, as it enables the movement of people (passengers) and goods from one point to another. Most Namibians use road and rail as their form of transport, thus this research is designed to gain understanding as to what extent customers are satisfied with the customer service they receive from the public transportation. Customer satisfaction is an essential element to staying in business in this modern world of global competition. Therefore, providers must satisfy and even delight our customers with the value of our transport services delivery, in order to gain their loyalty and repeat business. Customer satisfaction is therefore a primary goal of process improvement programmes. To what extent are customers satisfied with public transport in Namibia? One of the best ways to find out is to ask them by means of customer satisfaction survey to elicit customers participation. These surveys can provide management with the information they need to determine their customer level of satisfaction with services associated with their public transport. Thus this information will be of relevance to the municipality as well as to the country at large, as it strives toward achieving vision 2030. The survey targeted public transport users, since they are the most affected and that is where we can get relevant data that we need to obtain. We collected primary research data through the dissemination of a questionnaire that will be distributed to different public transport customers, namely those who are using taxis, Municipality buses, long distance buses, long distance minibuses and railways. Our sample size will be of 30 for each mode of transport, and the survey was conducted using both quantitative and qualitative methods. The main objective of this research is to evaluate the level of customer satisfactions of public transport clients. Potential recommendations will be made based on the research outputs, to not only improve the transport service countrywide but also to implement an effective public transport system based on international standards.
Description: Namibia Customer Service Awards & Conference (1st: 2014 Nov.: Windhoek)
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