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dc.contributor.authorNyambi, Oliver
dc.contributor.authorMlambo, Nelson
dc.identifier.citationNyambi, O., & Mlambo, N. (2010-2011). Emasculated by the crisis: Representations of the struggling fathers in selected contemporary Zimbabwean literature. Nawa Journal of Communication, 4-5(2 & 1), 199-210.en_US
dc.description.abstractThe political turmoil and socio-economic comatose of the past decade in Zimbabwe has had a toll on the social transformation of the Zimbabwean society. The astronomical inflation, the incessant shortages of basic consumer goods, jobs etc. has changed the face of the evolution of culture masculinities, exposed the vulnerability of the male father figure and consigned him to the fringes of the everyday struggle to provide for his family. The gap between the traditional male breadwinner and the hopelessly inept father figure produced by the extraordinary constraints of the last decade in Zimbabwe has over the years created a fertile ground for creative imagination as writers grapple with the nature of the "Zimbabwean problem", the multifarious forces shaping the humanitarian crisis and the human responses to the dystopian situation. This paper looks at the destabilising impact of the problematicpolitical and economic situation on the male father figure's capacity to effectively deliver on his traditional and cultural responsibility to sustain a family. We contend that the contemporary Zimbabwean narrative particularly in the short story genre reflects and refracts on the complexities of negotiating a crisis situation and represents the "emasculated" state of the male father figure rendered helpless by forces beyond his influence.en_US
dc.publisherNUST, Department of Communicationen_US
dc.subjectZimbabwe - Political aspectsen_US
dc.subjectZimbabwe - Social aspectsen_US
dc.subjectPolitics - Zimbabween_US
dc.subjectSocio-economic issues - Zimbabween_US
dc.subjectMasculinities - Zimbabween_US
dc.subjectMale father figures - Zimbabween_US
dc.subjectFather figures - Zimbabween_US
dc.titleEmasculated byt the crisis: Representations of the struggling fathers in selected contemporary Zimbabwean literature.en_US
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