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Title: A normative distance education management model for dual mode institutions.
Authors: Keyter, Charles
Schwella, Erwin
Keywords: Distance learning
Distance Learning Management Model
Dual mode institutions
Issue Date: 2003
Publisher: Administratio Publica
Citation: Keyter, C., & Schwella, E. (2003). A normative distance education management model for dual mode institutions. Administratio Publica, 11(2), 56-88.
Abstract: Due to the fact that not all learning can be provided through formal education on campus at schools, colleges and institutions of higher education, distance education has become a viable alternative. In this regard we have seen a rapid expansion of distance education programmes at traditional face-to-face institutions, becoming dual mode institutions. Therefore, if students are to learn on the distance education mode, they need effective educational and administrative support. This implies that the management approach used by dual mode institutions differ from conventional face-to-face institutions. The aim of this paper is to identify a normative distance education management model, which can be used in evaluating current distance education management models in operation. In order to develop a normative distance education management model, the open systems framework is used because it provides a bridge between the general managerial work and the key management issues as they relate to distance education institutions. The management functions related to distance education is identified and briefly explained. This paper concludes that the biggest challenge in the management of distance education institutions is that they remain flexible and innovative in their approach to student needs.
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