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Title: Identification and screening of entrepreneurial skills in education.
Authors: Wambui, Lydiah
Keywords: Entrepreneurial skills
Entrepreneurship - Ability testing
Entrepreneurship Conference, 2002, Pretoria
Conferences and workshops
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: Technikon, Pretoria & NUST
Citation: Wambui, L. (2002). Identification and screening of entrepreneurial skills in education: Paper presented at the 1st International Conference on Entrepreneurship, 3-4 October 2002, Pretoria, South Africa.
Abstract: Entrepreneurship education should encourage students to look for creative and innovative ideas that may provide multiple solutions to problems, and develop their capacity to think independently. Education should provide an opportunity for students to learn, explore and implement ideas. One should not be punished for creative and innovative thinking (out of the mold). One should not be punished because his/ her idea was not successful but rather encouraged to continue in the search for new ideas. This will encourage learners to acquire knowledge, experience and willingness to examine problems in new ways.
Description: International Conference on Entrepreneurship (1st : 2002 Oct. 3-4 : Pretoria, South Africa)
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