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Title: Pragmatic analysis of students' performance at the NUST.
Authors: Krishnamurthy, Sarala
Ithindi, Elina
Brewis, Alexander
Eiseb, Juliet
Keywords: Academic achievements - Namibia
NUST - Student performance
Student performance - Namibia
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: NUST, Department of English Communication.
Citation: Krishnamurthy, S., Ithindi, E., Brewis, A., & Eiseb, J. (2009). Pragmatic analysis of students' performance at the NUST. Nawa Journal of Language and Communication, 3(2), 206-221.
Abstract: Pragmatics has been described as the analysis of language taking into account the socio-cultural context in which it is used. In other words, it is the study of language of a particular region which reveals the influence of mother tongue and other cultural aspects. While pragmatic analysis can be done in many ways, this paper focuses on discussions that take place in the class room. Our subjects are students of the NUST who are expected to participate in classroom discussions as part of their formative assessment. This paper explores the relative success of classroom discussions according to the proficiency level of the students with a view to identifying and improving their interactions both in the classroom and in a societal setting.
ISSN: 1993-3835.
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