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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-08Participatory land delivery processes in Gobabis: the case of Freedom Square.Harris, Braam
2020-08The pedagogic relevance of Namibian literature in English at secondary and tertiary levels: A terminal research report submitted to the Institutional Research and Publication Committee (IRPC), NUSTWoldemariam, Haileleul Zeleke; Gawas, Emelda
2021-11A pedagogical stylistic evaluation of literature studies at Onawa Senior Secondary School, Omusati RegionFillemon, Eliakim Mandume
2010Perceptions of pre-service teachers towards teaching: A case study on the Eritrea Institute of Technology.Ravinder, Rena; Suleman, Ali
2010Perceptions of stakeholders involved in a public-private partnership arrangement: A case study of solid waste management in the City of Windhoek, Namibia.Keyter, Charles
2009Perceptions on the impact of Chinese businesses in Namibia: A case study of the retail and construction sector in Windhoek.Niikondo, Andrew; Coetzee, Johan
2009Personal effectiveness and executive stress.Wambui, Lydiah
2020-01-20A persuasive souvenir system (PSS) to increase Namibian museums turnout using RFID technology.Nashandi, Ndinelago Tupopila
2014Pirates on the high seas: Destabilised supply chain efficiency and performance - the case of SIDS (Small Island Developing State) Seychelles.Madejski, Eugene
2016-10Planned layouts v. ‘planning for slums’: the case of Rehoboth Ext. 5 & 6Esterhuizen, Louis
2016-10Planned layouts v. ‘Planning for slums’: The case of Rehoboth Ext. 5 & 6Esterhuizen, Louis
2022-04Plant diversity and vegetation patterns in the north of the Kaokoland endemic centre, Iona national parkAntónio, Telmo Ernesto Meneses
2021-10-04The portrayal of Namibia and Namibians in selected crime fiction: Social reflections, ethnicity and raceChindekasse, Ana Lourdes
2016-09Positioning Namibia’s first school of architecture theoretically within its post-colonial context.Lühl , Phillip
2008-05-23Poster presentationsTjiramanga, Alexandra
2002The potential impacts of wood harvesting of bush thickening species on biodiversity and ecological processes.Joubert, David F.; Zimmermann, Ibo
2018Potential use of 3D-derived products generated from unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) imagery for monitoring forest degradation and woodland structure changes in the Namibian dry woodlandsKnox, N.; Strohbach, B.J.; De Cauwer, V.
2014Potential, realised, future distribution and environmental suitability for pterocarpus angolensis DC in southern Africa.De Cauwer, Vera; Muys, Bart; Revermann, Rasmus; Trabucco, Antonio
2009Pragmatic analysis of students' performance at the NUST.Krishnamurthy, Sarala; Ithindi, Elina; Brewis, Alexander; Eiseb, Juliet
2022-04-20A pragmatic stylistics interpretation of The Rotten Apples of Jabula High School and Finders Keepers Losers WeepersIyambo, Josephine Abia Dhiginina