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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-11-08Off-grid power supply based on green hydrogen storage potential: A case study of the NUST-SEED Living Lab at !KharoxasKatende, James
2001Oil and economic growth: An econometric analysis.Ogbokor, Cyril A.
2009Okot p’Bitek’s revision of aspects of Percy Bysshe Shelley’s "The Mask of Anarchy".Opali, Fred
2011On universities ranking: Hype or substance?Evrard, Laurent
2014Online business marketing for SMMEs in low-resource communities: A step by step process for setting up an online interactive environment. Paper presented at the 1st Namibia Customer Service Awards & Conference, 2014.Jere, Norbert
2008Open and distance learning in Namibia: Country report submitted to the Advocacy Workshop on Distance Education and Open Learning, held in Mauritius from 10-11 April 2008.Möwes, Delvaline
2004Open your mind with information literacy.Grobler, Judy
2015Opening address by Hon. Dr. Becky R. K. Ndoze-Ojo, Deputy Minister of Higher Education, Training and Innovation, at the Official opening of the 20th NUST Cultural Festival on 10 August 2015, at 9h00, in front of EHaus, NUST, Windhoek.Ndoze-Ojo, Becky R. K.
2015Opening remarks by Prof. Tjama Tjivikua, Vice Chancellor, NUST, at the 2nd Customer Service Management Africa Awards conference, 14 September 2015, 09h00..Tjivikua, Tjama
2013Opening remarks by Prof. Tjama Tjivikua, Vice Chancellor, NUST, on the occasion of the 2nd EOSA-RTC symposium titled "Towards a vision for space science, technology and applications in Namibia", 24 July 2013, Windhoek.Tjivikua, Tjama
2014The oppression of women in selected narratives by Namibian female authors.Andima, Liicka; Tjiramanga, Alexandra
2004Optical remote sensing in support of eutrophication monitoring in the southern North Sea.De Cauwer, Vera; Ruddick, Kevin; Park, Young-Je; Nechad, Bouchra; Kyramarios, Michael
2006Optimising learning outcome via project-baased learning in the production of technicians.Oyedokun, Zacchaeus
2014Out of the blue sky...?: Gender based violence and murder revisited.Schulz, Stefan
2013Outsourcing third party logistics services usage in the Namibian manufacturing industry.Iipinge, Indileni Set-Sam
2008Overview of a variety of trials on agricultural applications of effective microorganisms (EM).Zimmermann, Ibo; Kamukuenjandje, Richard
2018An overview of mesoscale aerosol processes, comparisons, and validation studies from DRAGON networks.Holben, B.N.; Kim, J.; Sano, I.; Mukai, S.; Eck, T.F.; Giles, D.M.; Schafer, J.S.; Sinyuk, A.; Slutsker, I.; Smirnov, A.; Sorokin, M.; Anderson, B.E.; Che, H.; Choi, M.; Crawford, J.H.; Ferrare, R.A.; Garay, M.J.; Jeong, U.; Kim, M.; Kim, W.; Knox, N.; Li, Z.; Lim, H.S.; Lui, Y.; Maring, H.; Nakata, M.; Pickering, K.E.; Piketh, S.; Redemann, J.; Reid, J.S.; Salinas, S.; Seo, S.; Tan, F.; Tripathi, S.N.; Toon, O.B.; Xiao, Q.
2020-06-14An overview of the ORACLES (Observations of Aerosols above Clouds and their interactions) project: aerosol–cloud–radiation interactions in the southeast Atlantic basinRedemann, J ,; Wood, R; Zuidema, P; Doherty, S. J; Luna, B; LeBlanc, S E; Diamond, M S; Shinozuka, Y; Chang, I Y; Ueyama, R; Pfister, L; Ryoo, J.-M; Dobracki, A. N; da Silva, A M; Longo, K. M; Kacenelenbogen, M. S; Flynn, C. J; Pistone, K; Knox, N. M; Piketh, S. J; Haywood, J. M; Formenti, P.; Mallet, M; Stier, P; Ackerman, A S; Bauer, S.E; Fridlind, A.M; Carmichael, G. R; Saide, P. E; Ferrada, G. A; Howell, S. G; Freitag, S; Cairns, B; Holben, B. N; Knobelspiesse, K. D; Tanelli, S; L'Ecuyer, T. S; Dzambo, A. M; Sy, O.O; McFarquhar, G. M; Poellot, M. R; Gupta, S; O'Brien, J.R; Nenes, A; Kacarab, M; Wong, J. P. S.; Small-Griswold, J. D; Thornhill, K. L; Podolske, J. R; Schmidt, K.S; Pilewskie, P; Chen, H; Cochrane, S. P; Sedlacek, A. J; Lang, T. J; Stith, E; Segal-Rozenhaimer, M; Ferrare, R. A; Burton, S. P; Hostetler, C. A.; Diner, D. J; Seidel, F. C F. C.; Platnick, S. E; Myers, J. S; Meyer, K. G; Spangenberg, D.A; Maring, H; Gao, L
2016-08Participatory land delivery processes in Gobabis: the case of Freedom Square.Harris, Braam
2023-08The pedagogic relevance of Namibian literature in EnglishWoldemariam, Haileleul Zeleke; Gawas, Emelda U.