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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Macroeconomic impact of trade on Namibian growth: An empirical illustration.Ogbokor, Cyril A.
2010Mainstreaming gender into the journalism curriculum: Paper presented at the Gender in Media Education Regional Conference, 29-30 March 2010.Brown, Emily
2017Making ArchitectureLühl, Phillip
2020-01-29Making NUST a 21st Century University: Harnessing Science and Technology for the Digital EconomyNiikondo, Andrew
2003A managerial model of distance education for the NUST.Keyter, Charles
2004Managing human capital for optimum performance.Asemota, O. O.
2008Manipulation of subject peoples' history, legends and myths: The case of Prestor John.Kangira, Jairos; Chirere, Memory
2013Manual for working with MODIS images in SeaDAS 6.2.De Cauwer, Vera
2019-11Mapping and Monitoring Fractional Woody Vegetation Cover in the Arid Savannas of Namibia Using LiDAR Training Data, Machine Learning, and ALOS PALSAR DataKnox, Nichola; Wessels, Konrad; Mathieu, Renaud; Main, Russell; Naidoo, Laven; Steenkamp, Karen
2007Mapping of the BCLME shoreline, shallow water & marine habitats: Physical mapping project.De Cauwer, Vera
2011A markup language for narrative knowledge annotation, mining and management.Fendler, Jens
2023-06Mathematical analysis of foot and mouth disease with optimal control: a case study of FMD in Namibia.Ndeevelo, Palivamwe, Merolly
2009Media and celebrity: Towards a postmodern understanding of the role of reality television in the development of new forms of South African/African celebrity.De Sibandze, Elva Gómez; Garside, Damian
2013Metaphors of changing identities, resilience and cultural transformation for survival in times of crisis.Mlambo, Nelson
2013Metaphors of migration and survival: Negotiating crisis times through seeking alternative spaces.Mlambo, Nelson
2010Migrants to cities and towns in Namibia: What their interests are?Niikondo, Andrew
2009Missing the beat: Mainstream media mirror relevance of community media in election coverage in Namibia.Brown, Emily
2009Mission impossible - The pentangle breaks.Brewis, Alexander
2016A Mobile Application for Health Information Dissemination: a Namibian ContextAngula, Nikodemus; Dlodlo, Nomusa
2022-05-17Modelling poverty in Namibia using beta distribution.Mafale, Ndubano