Land reform

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Namibia University of Science and Technology, Integrated Land Management Institute


A lot of aspects are commonly subsumed under the concept land reform. These range from redistribution to tenure and agrarian reform. What do these different concepts mean? Agrarian reform: this is the broadest term and refers to attempts to change the agrarian structure of a country. It typically includes land reform, tenure, the reform of agricultural support systems and the reform of the credit system. Land reform: interventions to change the pattern of land ownership or agrarian structure through a process of redistributing land Tenure reform: tenure refers to the system governing access to land defining rights and obligations. Tenure reform refers to reforming these rules to achieve improved tenure security or equity. While land reform involves moving some people off the land in order to improve access to such land by other, tenure reforms leaves people holding the same land but with different rights.



land reform, agrarian reform, tenure reform, agriculture


Werner, W. (2018). Land reform. (Fact Sheet 3/2018).Windhoek: Namibia: Namibia University of Science of Technology.