Logistics in Namibia: Issues and challenges.

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Journal of Transport and Supply Chain Management


Logistics is important for Namibia’s growth and development but there is currently a lack of information about the industry despite it being addressed in the country’s Fourth National Development Plan and the subsequent “Policy Note” from the World Bank. This article summarises the first phase of a research project that investigated Namibia’s logistics sector. The investigation was principally qualitative in nature and used semi-structured interviews which were analysed using data matrices as proposed by (Nadin & Cassell, 2004). Key findings included universal agreement on the importance of logistics to Namibia, the variety of understanding of the term logistics and the strength of the continuing influence of South Africa. There were contrasting views on the main factors limiting development that included: infrastructure, attitude, government, customs, training, railways, corruption and driver shortage. The findings are discussed drawing conclusions on the state of Namibia’s logistics industry and making recommendations for further work.



Logistics - Namibia


Savage, C. J., Fransman, L., & Jenkins, A. K. Logistics in Namibia: Issues and challenges. Journal of Transport and Supply Chain Management.