Factors that impede adoption of e-learning in developing countries: Advice for moving beyond challenges with integrating e-learning platforms at NUST.


This paper examines factors that impede adoption of e-learning in developing countries and proposes strategies for African universities interested in overcoming the challenges posed by technology integration. The findings reveal that when content learning is integral to e-learning, it has the potential to support increased e-learning outcomes, especially if lecturers at the NUST align their teaching strategies with many of the goals of Vision 2030 and the Millennium Development Goals. The NUST has its own strategic goals for 2013, which are aligned with Vision 2030. NUST’s 5-year strategic goals focus on accessibility, technical support and resource allocation. NUST lecturers provided insight into e-learning benefits and challenges, which lead to recommendations that can be generalized for institutions in developing countries.



E-learning - Namibia, E-learning - Developing Countries, NUST - E-learning