Impacts of inflation on Namibian growth: An empirical study.

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The impact of inflation on growth performance through a case study of Namibia is analysed in the article. The methodology involves estimating a general model, which provides for capturing the impact of inflation as well as imported inflation interactively with economic openness on economic growth. The sample period runs from 1991 - 2001. The research found that economic growth reacted in a predictable fashion to changes in the regressors employed in the study. The results obtained from the study also refelects the conventional thinking in the literature that, ceteris paribus, the growth impact of inflation can be counter productive, especially if not controlled. The study recommends appropriate anti-inflationary measures for the Namibian economy. A further study on how to minimize the negative repurcussion of inflation on the economy of Namibia is highly recommended.



Inflation - Namibia, Economic development - Namibia, Regression analysis - Namibia


Ogbokor, C. (2004). Impacts of inflation on Namibian growth: An empirical study. Journal of Applied Sciences, 4(4), 644-648.