Investigation on Ethical Strategies to Enhance Good Administration

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This investigation sought to investigate about the ethical strategies that enhance good administration. The objectives of the study were achieved through a descriptive survey which was used. This investigation was guided by five objectives such as: The definition of Ethical strategies. However, respondents had different views on this statement and they described ethical strategies as way of applying good methods to improve the organizational performance in terms of administration. The types of ethical strategies that can enhance good administration, respondents on the types of ethical strategies to enhance good administration. However, according to the findings majority of respondents indicated that code of conducts as the guiding principles that enables how employees should conduct themselves in the organization it is one of the significant type of ethical strategy that can enhance good administration, proper communication channels among different departments, recognition in terms of job well done among employees, fair treatment of employees. The findings on the factors that can prevent ethical strategies towards good administration, many respondents indicated that the factors are corruption, nepotism, tribalism, collusion, fraud and moral values in the organization which prevents new developments, lack of employee motivation, lack of honesty and fairness, lack of equality in the organisation and corruption are among the factors that can prevent ethical strategies towards good administration According to findings on the importance of ethical strategies in administration indicated that ethical strategies builds strong relationships with stakeholders, it attracts high qualified employees for the organisation, it enables more employees want to work for the organisation. Based on the findings on the effectiveness of ethical strategies, it indicated that the effectiveness of ethical strategies is to keep employees to be well informed with all information through proper relationships with stakeholders, ethical strategies holds accountable to those who neglect the code of conducts, rules and regulations, and policies of the council, ethical strategies are effective in a way that it helps to revise the evaluate the administration criteria.



Ethical, Strategies, Administration, Methods, Organization