Library and information skills training at the NUST.

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NUST, Department of English Communication.


This article examines the importance of ‘information literacy’ skills in the 21st century. It discusses the metamorphosis that information assimilation has undergone in the past fifteen years, thus highlighting the role of information literacy in ‘lifelong learning’. The article defines information literacy and highlights the difference between information literacy, ‘library literacy’ and ‘computer literacy’. It discusses lifelong learning, its relationship to information literacy and the role of academic libraries in information literacy training. Finally, it traces and explains the evolution of the information literacy or Library and Information Skills Training service at the NUST Library since 2007.



Information literacy - Study and teaching - Namibia, NUST - Library and information skills training, Library and information skills training - Namibia


Chanetsa, B., & Grobler, J. (2009). Library and information skills training at the NUST. Nawa Journal of Language and Communication, 3(2), 44-52.