Ethics and values - Are they forgotten in our work place, community and society?

dc.contributor.authorAsemota, O. O.
dc.description.abstractThroughout history, every human society has had its norms and values that its members obey to sustain its smooth existence. When people deviate from these norms, the society is in decadence. In the traditional society, hard work, respect for others and their belongings, the protection of one‟s dignity and name and that of one‟s family, honesty, constitute the basic ingredients of morality. As can be observed in the society of today, morality has been on the decline. This present generation is fast putting the ethics of life off shore giving way to immorality, violence, unethical practices that each day seems to say “I have come to stay” defiantly in the face of our wide spreading religion. Patterns of behaviour that were universally deemed to be morally unacceptable (both in the society, work place, or community) are today being vigorously promoted as viable alternatives. This is most evident in the area of sexual behaviour of men and women (child abuse), corruption in high places, misappropriation of assets, just to mention a few of the unethical behaviour. This paper attempts to evaluate the causes of unethical behaviour and its attendant consequences within the society. More specifically, this paper will address the possible strategies that can be put in place to ensure decorum in the conduct of business and general behaviour. The paper further examines the roles expected from the following key players in the society: the family, religious organizations, professional bodies that regulate the conduct of business practices, governments, non-governmental organizations, schools and counsellors.en_US
dc.subjectBusiness ethicsen_US
dc.subjectBusiness valuesen_US
dc.subjectWorkplace - Ethical aspectsen_US
dc.subjectWork environmenten_US
dc.titleEthics and values - Are they forgotten in our work place, community and society?en_US


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