The SASSCAL/MAWF Weather Stations Network in Namibia: Overview of equipment and data transfer.

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Through the BIOTA project (2000 - 2009) 21 high end weather stations meeting WMO standards have been bought for deployment in Namibia. Some of these stations are replacing older equipment at the BIOTA observatories (Jürgens et al., 2010), while some are / will be placed in new strategic localities. These 21 stations update their readings hourly on the web via the cell network or satellite communication. The Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry (MAWF) supported this project with 17 Automatic Weather Stations (AWS) on their research stations. In addition, 14 other weather stations of different technical standard are currently operated by private individuals and primarily tourism lodge operators across the country. Data from these stations is displayed on the web under the Namibia Weather Network. The Namibia Meteorological Service runs a number of automatic and manual weather stations. The World Meteorological Organizations lists 127 rainfall stations for Namibia.


Report compiled by Dr. B. Strohbach of the School of Natural Resources and Spatial Sciences, NUST.


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