Is Larry Cuban right about the impact of computer technology on student learning?

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NUST, Department of Communication.


This article seeks to offer some degree of classification of Larry Cuban’s view, about the impact of computer Technology on student learning. Cuban is a Professor of Education at the august Stanford University, where the lectures Methods of teaching social studies, history of School Reforms, Curriculum and Instruction Leadership. The context of Cuban’s work was resident in his research in schools and universities in the technology rich heart-land of Silicon Valley. It was the findings of his studies in these institutions, which inspired his views that computers are not making the anticipated in roads into assisting students learning, as was previously believed, his book in 2001 “Oversold and underused” under pins his discontent with the prevailing views that computer technology is the answer to classroom learning problems. Cuban’s conviction is supported by his research findings that both students and teachers use computers for less at school than at home. In addition, he found out those teachers who use computers as instructional tools do so infrequently and unimaginatively. It is hoped that this paper will contribute to the willingness of educators to be inspired to integrate computer technology in their classrooms in meaningful and fulfilled ways.



Computer aided learning, Student learning - Computer aided, Information technology - Study and teaching, ICTs - Higher education, Cuban, Larry - Writings, Educational technology


Sinclair, G. B. (2009). Is Larry Cuban right about the impact of computer technology on student learning? Nawa Journal of Language and Communication, 3(1), 46-54.