The importance of soft skills: Education beyond academic knowledge.

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NUST of Namibia, Department of Communication.


This paper makes a survey of the importance of soft skills in students’ lives both at college and after college. It discusses how soft skills complement hard skills, which are the technical requirements of a job the student is trained to do. The paper exhorts educators to take special responsibility regarding soft skills, because during students’ university time, educators have major influence on the development of their students’ soft skills. Embedding the training of soft skills into hard skills courses is a very effective and efficient method of achieving both an attractive way of teaching a particular content and an enhancement of soft skills. Soft skills fulfil an important role in shaping an individual’s personality. It is of high importance for every student to acquire adequate skills beyond academic or technical knowledge.



Soft skills - Study and teaching, Project management skills - Study and teaching, Business management skills - Study and teaching, Personal skills - Study and teaching, Social skills - Study and teaching, Language skills - Study and teaching, Cultural awareness skills - Study and teaching


Schulz, B. (2008). The importance of soft skills: Education beyond academic knowledge. Nawa Journal of Communication, 2(1), 146-154.