The effect of regulations on the efficiency of bus and taxi services in Windhoek.


This project was conducted in order to analyse the effect of regulations on the efficiency of bus and taxi services in Windhoek. As the public transport indeed plays a vital role in the economy, it is important to bring this sector to order and efficiency. Proper regulation of this sector is not only important for the income it generates to a country and its contribution to GDP, but as it has been observed elsewhere, when the transport sector goes on strike due to dissatisfaction in onearea or another, the result is chaos in public and loss of business to general members of the public. The public transport has great potential to contribute significantly to the country’s economy and it plays a vital role for the government (Ministry of Works and Transport), in ensuring good governance which is essential towards achieving efficiency. In order to successfully carry out this research and critically analyse the public transport system in Namibia, a qualitative research was conducted. This research was done in a form of face to face interviews with a sample size of 20, via simple random sampling methods. This method helped to establish a great understanding of the current situation faced by this sector. Every element of the stakeholders in the Namibia Transport sector had a chance to be part of this research, responses were analysed to draw results for the study. A great deal of work still needs to be done for the public transport sector to improve, in order for efficiencies to be evident. The outcome of this research indicated that the majority of operators and users of public transport feel that a regulatory safety and cooperation body, needs to be established in order to achieve an efficient public transport sector. Therefore, this study has a opportunity of providing the Namibian government, especially the Ministry of Works and Transport an chance to review the regulation and operators of the public transport in Namibia, in order to bring about order through proper regulation and greater awareness. Consistency should be implemented, in order to cement the regulations for all stakeholders to become more aware.



Transport regulations - Windhoek, Namibia, Taxi services - Windhoek, Namibia, Bus services - Windhoek, Namibia