Unethical practices: Bane of effective enterprise management.

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There is no human endeavour that does not require proper management for its proper functioning. Every organisation whether small, medium or big, requires good corporate governance to function effectively. Furthermore, businesses are guided by rules, regulations and policies that shape and control employees’ behaviour. Once these rules are violated, objectives of the business may be jeopardised and consequent, enterprise collapse in the long run. Ethical conduct of business is non-negotiable if entrepreneurs desire growth and sustainability. It is against this background that this paper attempts to appraise causes of unethical behaviour and its resultant effects on entrepreneurship development. Furthermore, the paper examines the roles of the entrepreneur and the employees, with a view of specifically addressing the strategies and mechanisms that can be put in place to minimise the trend of corrupt practices in the conduct of business.


Final submission of paper presented at a conference.


Business ethics, Professional ethics, Business management - Ethical aspects, Unethical business practices


Asemota, O. O. (2005). Unethical practices: Bane of effective enterprise management.