Students' English writing skills at the NUST.

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NUST, Department of Communication


The effectiveness of learning language requires that users of a language be provided with the right knowledge to cope with its complexity and demanding nature especially in the area of writing. In this sense, this article seeks to draw attention to some of the important features of writing skills in English at NUST. This article also reports on a study that investigated the writing and spoken proficiency of students of English as a second language at the NUST. But, this article only deals with students’ writing skills at the institution. There are many barriers that prevent students from writing English competently. However, it should be noted that the study only investigated various English syllabi and the teaching of writing skills that I consider to be some of the barriers.



English writing skills - Students - Namibia, NUST - Student writing skills


Frans, T. H. N. (2014). Students' English writing skills at the NUST. NAWA Journal of Language and Communication, 8(2), 4-15.