A review of current and future challenges in paints and coatings chemistry.

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Paints and coatings are very important to everyday life. However, their formulation is becoming more and more complex due to legislative demands, driven by environmental and health concerns, to reduce or eliminate completely volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and any solvents considered hazardous air pollutants (HAPs). Liquid coatings formulation must simultaneously meet VOC limitations and HAP restrictions by shifting to high solids, low-solvent coatings as well as water-borne coatings. Non-aqueous formulations that meet existing and pending VOC and HAP regulations and offer the performance customers expect/require are still being produced. Switching to environmentally-friendly coatings involves more than simply replacing organic solvents with VOC-free ingredients such as water. Efficient formulation demands that basic rules governing the rheological behaviour are well-defined. This paper highlights the formulation and some of the current and future challenges in the paints and coatings industry with emphasis on the chemical aspects.



Coatings chemistry, Paints chemistry, Volatile organic compounds, Water-borne coatings, Environmentally friendly paints and coatings


Kwaambwa, H. (2013). A review of current and future challenges in paints and coatings chemistry. PROGRESS Multidisciplinary Research Journal, 3(1), 75-101.