Managing human capital for optimum performance.

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People undoubtedly constitute the most valuable asset in any enterprise be it public or private. Until we acknowledge that the expert in any particular job is most often the person performing it, we shall forever limit the potential of that person in terms of both his contribution to the organisation and his personal development. Man, as one of the 5Ms of factors of production, (machines, materials, money and management of time) plays the role of a hub, without which the organisation cannot function effectively. Faced with rapid change that pervades business environment, organisations need to develop a more focused, dynamic and coherent approach to managing its human resources. Managing the human capital of any enterprise requires a complex and effective utilization of both human and material resources. It is against this background that this paper will examine how people are managed for desired results. This paper further examines the paradigm shift in the roles (past, present and the future) of Human Resource practitioners in the management of people for optimum results. Literature reviewed, so far, maintained that managing people for optimum performance is a sine qua non. Most specifically, this paper will address strategies put in place by forward looking organisations to ensure that right employees are acquired, maintained and discharged in such a way that they bring returns on investments, not only to the enterprise but to themselves and community at large. A further review of managing human resource diversity is highly recommended.


Final submission of paper presented at a conference.


Personnel management, Performance management, Human resource management


Asemota, O. O. (2004). Managing human capital for optimum performance.