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Title: Engineering Research for Economic Advancement in Namibia
Authors: Kgabi, Nnenesi
Keywords: Engineering Research, Namibia, Economic Advancement, Sustainable Production and
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Scientific Research Publishing Inc.
Citation: Kgabi, N. (2014). Engineering research for economic advancement in Namibia. Open Journal of Applied Sciences. 4, 557-559.
Abstract: The aim of this special issue of the Open Journal of Applied Sciences on Engineering Research for Economic Advancement is to articulate the relevance of applied engineering research in driving the economic development and sustainability, and addressing national and regional needs of the “small economies”. The research focus areas covered in this issue include renewable energy, water resources management, manufacturing systems, and sustainable mining practices. The focus areas are also relevant in addressing the global change challenges relating to sustainable production and consumption of natural resources for provision of basic services at national and local level.
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