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Title: A literary exploration of trauma and resilience in Tagwira's 'The Uncertainty of Hope'.
Authors: Cloete, Ina
Mlambo, Nelson
Keywords: Trauma
Zimbabwean crisis
The Uncertainty of Hope by Valerie Tagwira
Tagwira, Valerie. The Uncertainty of Hope
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: NUST, Department of Communication
Citation: Cloete, I., & Mlambo, N. (2014). A literary exploration of trauma and resilience in Tagwira's 'The Uncertainty of Hope'. NAWA Journal of Language and Communication, 8(2), 92-105.
Abstract: The aim of this paper is to critically analyse Tagwira’s The uncertainty of hope, a novel set in turbulent Zimbabwe using the critical lenses of trauma and resilience theory. The two theories are applied as a way of accounting for the challenges, realities and hopes faced by 21st century African states and citizens. Through the application of these two theories the paper argues that literary theory has to address itself to the issues and concerns raised in fiction and that it is through balancing the traumatic realities of life and how the ordinary people resiliently face these challenges that African literature can truly mirror. The research found that the novel, The uncertainty of hope, clearly captures the different forms of trauma faced by the characters in crisis-hit Zimbabwe. Moreover, the research also demonstrated the characters’ resilience and their agency in mitigating the traumatic experiences they face.
ISSN: 1993-3885
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