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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-09A linguistic investigation into selected media campaigns on voluntary medical male circumcision in Namibia, 2018 –2019Kandjimi, Emilie
2022-04-22A pragmatic stylistics study of Francis Sifiso Nyathi’S ‘Tears of fear in the error of terror’ and ‘The oracle of CIDINO’Malakia, Aletta
2022-06-07An evaluation of the writing competencies of 3rd year students of bachelor of business management at Namibia University of Science and TechnologyMutonga, Beatrice Miyaze
2022-05A comparative study of selected Namibian autobiographies through a cognitive stylistics approachEmvula, Kaarina
2022-04-24A functional stylistics study of selected Namibian short storiesKapewasha, Aune Noomvula
2022-04-20A pragmatic stylistics interpretation of The Rotten Apples of Jabula High School and Finders Keepers Losers WeepersIyambo, Josephine Abia Dhiginina
2021-03-19A forensic linguistic investigation of the features of threat text messages in the Windhoek High Court from 2014 - 2019Katsvara, Mellania
2021-10Exploring postmodern elements in Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o’s Wizard of the CrowNdilimeke Laolange Iyaloo, Nanhapo
2021-03-03An investigation into the contemporary English language needs of second year students of the Department of Computer Science at the Namibia University of Science and TechnologyGawazah, Lazarus
2021-01-31A linguistic investigation into selected newspaper reports on women and child abuse in Namibia from 2018 - 2019Joseph, Serine Magano