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Title: Student success and dropout rates at the NUST.
Authors: Tyobeka, Errol M.
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: NUST
Citation: Tyobeka, E. M. (2012). Student success and dropout rates at the NUST. PROGRESS Multi-disciplinary Research Journal, 2(1), 68-83.
Abstract: In developing the Education and Training Sector Improvement Programme (ETSIP), the government of Namibia had indicated that one of its key goals was to strengthen and improve quality, effectiveness and efficiency in higher education. This descriptive, non-intervental study was undertaken in response to the changing policy environment, mainly to determine the teaching and learning performance of the NUST in terms of student enrolment, success and dropout rates for a fifteen year (1996 –2010) period. The key findings of the study are that between 2006 and 2010 student success rates declined (68 to 59%), and over the same period student dropout rates also decreased (23 to19%). Whilst reasons for the decrease in dropout rates were not easily identifiable, reasons for decrease in success rates could be linked to changes in the ratios of student, programme and course to academic staff.
ISSN: 2026-7096
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