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Title: Balancing the technical and social contexts of Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI).
Authors: Nangolo, Esther N.
Keywords: Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI)
SDI - Spatial Data Infrastructure
Socio-technical networks
ANT - Actor Network Theory
Actor Network Theory (ANT)
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: NUST
Citation: Nangolo, E. N. (2011). Balancing the technical and social contexts of Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI). Progress Multidisciplinary Research Journal, 1(1), 18-27.
Abstract: One special characteristic of spatial data is that they can be shared to be used for many purposes other than the one for which they were initially produced. To facilitate their efficient sharing and reuse, they need to be properly managed in the form of a Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI). This study argues that developing a successful SDI must be seen as a socio-technical, rather than a purely technical exercise. It urges that SDI practitioners need to understand the significance of human and societal issues as much as technical issues, all of which contribute to the successful implementation of SDI.
ISSN: 2026-7096
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