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Title: Demonstration of a cultural indigenous knowledge transfer prototype
Authors: Rodil, Kasper
Eskildsen, Søren
Rehm, Matthias
Keywords: IKTC2011 Conference, 2011, Windhoek
Indigenous knowledge transfer prototype - Namibia
Herero Community, Namibia
Knowledge transfer prototype - Namibia
Cultural indigenous knowledge transfer - Namibia
Conferences and workshops
Indigenous Knowledge Technology Conference, 2011, Windhoek
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: IKTC
Citation: Rodil, K., Eskildsen, S., & Rehm, M. (2011). Demonstration of a cultural indigenous knowledge transfer prototype, In N. J. Bidwell, & H. Winscheirs-Theophilus (Eds.), Proceedings of the Indigenous Knowledge Conference 2011 (IKTC2011): Embracing Indigenous Knowledge Systems in a New Technology Design Paradigm (pp. 116-117). WIndhoek, Namibia: IKTC2011.
Abstract: We present our prototype 3D visualization that enables people to place video recordings of their traditional knowledge. We demonstrate the process of developing and evaluating the prototype. We show how our prototype might combat a cultural gap between youths and elders and also hope to ignite ideas about how such a system can be used rurally and how further testing can be optimized to avoid a cultural gap in the test methods.
Description: Indigenous Knowledge Technology Conference (IKTC) (2011 Nov. 2-4 : Windhoek, Namibia)
ISBN: 978-99945-72-37-3
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