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Title: Design and development of solar concentrator for thermal applications.
Authors: Bishi, Isabel
Zulu, Andrew
Swaminathan, Rajaram
Keywords: Energy
Solar concentrators
Thermal energy
Water heaters
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: NUST
Citation: Bishi, I., Zulu, A., & Rajaram, S. (2010). Design and development of solar concentrator for thermal applications. Windhoek: NUST.
Series/Report no.: IRPC-POLY/2010/6067/449
Abstract: Parabolic mirror surfaces are found wherever energy needs to be focused effectively and accurately. They are found built into car headlights, spotlights as well as astronomical telescopes. This research concerns the study of transformation of solar energy into thermal energy and focusing this energy at a point to heat water. In this document the parabola was explored to design a simple, cheap and effective solar water heater. Local communities in Namibia can produce similar water heaters using available materials and the fuel; sunlight is abundant throughout the year in most areas. The main part of the heater, the collector can have any shiny material as long as it refracts the sun’s rays. In this project a parabolic solar concentrator was designed and constructed to heat water at the focal point, which is then stored in a tank for use.
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