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Title: Personal effectiveness and executive stress.
Authors: Wambui, Lydiah
Keywords: Personal skills
Stress in the workplace
Workplace - Psychological aspects
Executive abilities
Executive stress
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: Personal effectiveness is defined as a distinct set of behavioural competencies (qualities, skills and attributes) that are associated with effective management behaviour or embedded within all work-related activities. It includes key behaviours required for a competent manager to perform. In order to achieve personal competency it is important for you as a manager to understand your own strengths and to maximise them as well as identify your own weaknesses and learn how to overcome them. Once you take responsibility of self-development, you are able to help others to develop themselves through reviews, daily interaction, informal feedback, advice and guidance. Being effective as an individual and organisation is no longer an option but a price for entry into the playing field of life. The greater the change the more challenges individuals face and therefore the more the demand for personal effectiveness.
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