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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-10E-collaboration framework for effective decision-making in Namibian public organisationMunepapa, Judith
2019-10An ecofeminist reading of selected black female writers'autobiographical worksSibanga, Irene Lumba
2016An Econometric Investigation of the Impact of Foreign Trade on Economic Growth: The Case of NamibiaOgbokor, Cyril, A; Meyer, Daniel. F
2015An econometric study of the long-run relationship between defence expenditure and economic growth: Evidence from a developing country.Ogbokor, Cyril A.
2016An Econometric Time-Series Analysis of the Dynamic Relationship between Foreign Trade and Economic Growth in a Developing Country: Evidence from NamibiaOgbokor, Cyril, A; Meyer, Daniel. M
2013The economic costs of exchange and capital controls on busineses in Namibia - A focus on institutional investors and exporting companies.Karamata, Timoteus
2012Economic growth and tax structure in Zimbabwe: 1984-2009.Marire, Juniours; Sunde, Tafirenyika
2012Economic growth and tax structure in Zimbabwe: 1984–2009Marire, Juniours; Sunde, Tafirenyika
2018-08Ecosystem services and small-holder farming practices -between payments, development support and right- an integrated approach (ILMI Working paper 10)Bloemertz, Lena; Naanda, Martha; Wingate, Vladimir; Angombe, Simon; Kuhn, Nikolaus
2017Education Expenditure and Economic Growth in Mauritius: An Application of the Bounds Testing ApproachSunde, Tafirenyika
2002The effect of a prescribed burn, followed up with browsing pressure, on rangeland condition in the mountain savanna and karstveld of Namibia.Zimmermann, Ibo; Mwazi, Fidelis N.
2020-04The effect of browsing, fire and plant competition on the regeneration of timber trees and other woody species in Onkumbula community forest of Northern NamibiaAmutenya, Monika
2017-04The effect of fire on the root carbohydrate concentration and growth of encroaching terminalia sericea in a semi-arid savanna woodland in the Waterberg plateau park, Central NamibiaLutibezi, Siphiwe Patience
2019-10The effect of group a streptococcus on maternal and neonatal morbidity in WindhoekVries, Azaria Amadea
2014The effect of regulations on the efficiency of bus and taxi services in Windhoek.Madejski, Eugene; Amushila, Roswindis; Kulatau, Lucia
2013An effective implementation of an enterprise resource planning system - The case of an oracle system at MVAF Namibia.Shikongo, Lavinia Kapandu
2010Effectiveness and efficiency of a public-private partnership arrangement: A case study of perceptions on the Ward Contractor System in the City of Windhoek, Namibia.Keyter, Charles
2014The effectiveness of third party logistics providers in the public health sector.Beukes, Hendricus Christianus Ralph
2009The effects of 'pebble mulch' on acacia mellifera seedling responses to rain.Joubert, David F.