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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Remarks by Tom K. Alweendo, Governer, Bank of Namibia, at the launch of the Innovation Marketplace, at the NUST, Windhoek, 12 May 2009.Alweendo, Tom
2012Remote sensing of forage nutrients: Combining ecological and spectral absorption feature dataKnox, N.M.; Skidmore, A.K.; Prins, H.H.T.; Heitkönig, I.M.A.; Slotow, R.; van der Waal, C.; de Boer, W.F.
2007Renewable energy for Namibia, or, How to invest in the future.Schütt, Harald
2009Representation of time: A stylistic analysis of real and surreal elements in Joseph Heller's "Catch 22".Krishnamurthy, Sarala
2013-03Research and Development of a mobile voice over IP application which is hosted by open source software running on inexpensive backend serversMuronga, Veiko
2013Research and development of a mobile Voice over IP application which is hosted by open source software running on inexpensive backend servers.Muronga, Veiko
2017-12Research communication: Enhancing academic capital or Influencing educational policy in the Ethiopian higher education context?Enyew, T. A.; Woldemariam, Haileleul Zeleke
2009Restorative justice - The case for a Child Justice Act.Schulz, Stefan
2021-07-28Rethinking Pre-trial Detention (PTD) in Namibia:Schulz, Stefan; Bruyns, Hennie
2013Rethinking survival: Metaphors of hope and peaceful conflict resolution methods during crisis times.Mlambo, Nelson
2013A review of current and future challenges in paints and coatings chemistry.Kwaambwa, Habauka M.
2009Review of electricity policy planning in Namibia.Ndhlukula, Kudakwashe
2011A review of the "tea cup effect" and removal of suspended solids from water.Mashauri, Damas A.
2013Review of the book Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi AdichieKrishnamurthy, Sarala
2008Review of the book Between yesterday and tomorrow: Writings by Namibian women.Krishnamurthy, Sarala
2011Review of the book Communicating politics: Political communications in the Nordic countries edited by Jesper Strömback, Mark Orsten and Toril Aalberg.Thomas, Amos Owen
2014Review of the book Dust by Yvonne Adhiambo Owuor.Mlambo, Nelson
2012Review of the book Hakahana: Anthology of poetry by Hugh Ellis.Krishnamurthy, Sarala
2007Review of the book Professional communication: How to deliver written and spoken messages by Jane English et al.Tjiramanga, Alexandra
2010Review of the book Undisciplined heart by Jane Katjjavivi.Mlambo, Nelson; Pasi, Juliet