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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Land reformWerner, Wolfgang
2016Land Reform in Namibia: A BibliographyWerner, Wolfgang
2022-07-21Language and gender in My Heart in Your Hands: Poems from Namibia: A feminist stylistic approachAshimbuli, Naemi Ligola
2019-06Language change in post independence Namibian poetry in EnglishNafuka, Festus Ingashipola
2017Law Reform for Improved Delivery of Land to the Urban PoorZongwe, D.P.; Dausab, Y.
2009Leadership potential for credibility.Wambui, Lydiah
2008Leading tourism ventures: What are the characteristics that enable some tourism entrepreneurs to succeed, while others fail?Van Zyl, Chris
2002Learning orientations of students in an African developing country: Implications for knowledge transfer.Ras, P. J.; Olivier, Neavera; Tjivikua, Tjama; Grundling, J. P.
2017-03Leasehold as a Vehicle for Economic DevelopmentWerner, Wolfgang; Bayer, Charl-Thom H.
2016-11Leasehold as a Vehicle for Economic DevelopmentWerner, Wolfgang; Bayer, Charl-Thom
2013Legislative oversight and economic governance in Namibia: An evaluation of the role of parliament in the budget process.Kurasha, Sheuneni
2012Lessons towards developing an integrated tool-support for small team meetings.Dhenesh, Virallikattur S.; Sitnikova, Elena; Slay, Jill
2010Leveraging the competitiveness of Eritrean agriculture: A case study.Ravinder, Rena
2009Library and information skills training at the NUST.Chanetsa, Bernadette; Grobler, Judy
2018-11A Lightweight Authentication Architecture for Unsupervised Internet of Things (IoT) in Smart Home ApplicationsGamundani, Attlee, M
2019-10A linguistic error analysis of examination scripts by students at the University of Namibia’s Southern campusShaumana, Jona
2021-09A linguistic investigation into selected media campaigns on voluntary medical male circumcision in Namibia, 2018 –2019Kandjimi, Emilie
2021-01-31A linguistic investigation into selected newspaper reports on women and child abuse in Namibia from 2018 - 2019Joseph, Serine Magano
2019-10Linguistic landscape as symbolic construction of the public space: A case study of Mandume Ndemufayo Street, Ongwediva commercial and non-commercial signs, 2017-2018Ndimulunde, Agra Nangula
2019-12Literary activities for the teaching of English in a Namibian high school setting: A case studyHaimbodi, K N; Woldemariam, Haileleul Zeleke