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Title: Critical cartographies of the green hydrogen rush in Namibia
Authors: Monteith, William
Keywords: green hydrogen
cartographic representation
Issue Date: 8-Nov-2022
Publisher: Namibia University of Science and Technology
Citation: Monteith, W. (2022, November 8-10). Critical cartographies of the green hydrogen rush in Namibia [Conference session]. 2022 NUST Institutional Research Week, Windhoek, Namibia.
Abstract: Explores historical and contemporary (dis)connections between the twin global crises of unemployment and ecological collapse Critically examines recent investments in ‘green frontier’ industries and the ‘green jobs’ they are predicted to create (24 million by 2030) Seeks to understand how the benefits of the green hydrogen economy will be distributed along the value chain Project team: Prof. Kavita Datta, Prof. Nicola Piper, Prof. Adrian Smith, Prof. Liam Campling , Dr. Elena Baglioni, Dr. Carlo Inverardi Ferri , Dr. Will Monteith
Description: Dr. William Monteith, Queen Mary University of London
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